Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe and Georgian Young Greens organized Caucasus Regional Meeting,witch took place in Georgia, Tbilisi from 28th to 30th of October 2016. This year, the regional meeting will focus on the three topics: Climate Change and its effects on Caucasus, LGBT+ rights and Freedom of Expression. Georgia Youth Eco Movement SAEM is full Member of CDNEE Network . From Our organization Ketevan Kochladze (Vice President) , Mariam Tlashadze ( Project Manager) And Giorgi Ckhartishvili (SAEM's Active Member) were represented.

Giorgi  Ckhartishvili -As a participant of this event I’d like to say, I enjoyed being a part of all this. All of three days were informative, lot of problems were discussed, representatives from different countries shared their experience and ideas about chosen topics and even agreed on further partnership and development /implementation of new ideas/projects. Films shown on this event were very touching and made most of participants to further strengthen their view : unacceptance of violence against minority of this society. After watching them, everybody got emotional. Besides discussing important topics mentioned above, this event helped citizens of different countries to get to know more about different cultures and gain new connections, have further friendly and potential business relationships with each other in the near future. My expectations about the effect of this meeting on discussed problems in our countries are positive.

Giorgi Ckhartishvili

Mariam Tlashadze

Mariam Tlashadze : meeting was really beneficial for us  everybody, we figure out lots of information about ourselves and our fields of activities, also had movie sessions, which was really exciting and we had discussion about them. The last day we wrote some new ideas during the event and also had discussion how to plan and accomplish them in future.