Author :  Mariam Tlashadze 

Photo credit : Thomas Krigere

 Environment friendly thinking goes on self-managed society!
 “Some people believe that if you live in close to nature, use resources from the environment and re-use old materials means that you live in poverty, but that’s not true. We are an alive example, that you can live in a very comfortable way but in freedom, at the same time if you choose permaculture and close relations with nature”, said Liga Krumina-Krigere, one of the member of organization “Smiltenei un Latvijai”.
The main objective of the self-managed family
The main objective for Liga and Thomas family is to spread permaculture ideas, which means living in self-managed way with animals and plants with minimum use of resources. They live in Variceni, close to town Smiltene (Latvia), where they have farm. It’s absolutely amazing how their system smartly woks that they do not need to waste their time and energy to have food from their garden and from animals which they are keeping in their farm.
The methods which make them self-managed
They divided their area into 5 zones. Zone first is very close to their house and includes the necessary things for cooking, plants which needs to be taken care every day, for example greens. They use rain water for watering garden, while zone 5 is quite far from home and they only need to take care of this zone once in a year. It is absolutely surprising that they have their own vegetable, fruit and quite big amount of them without any chemical pesticides, so that they create self-regulated system: using sun, rain power, using animal’s biological leftovers for their ground for plants, they produce zero waste with the help of animals and compost for them. The whole system in their house is integrated and designed from patterns to details. In addition to this, they are building smart constructions for smart using natural resources.
The rocket mass heater
One of the most famous and popular workshop from this family is about storing maximum heat and energy from minimum losings. Thomas is the master of rocket mass heater, he made the first oven in Latvia in his house, which works on system called second burn. Nowadays, this heater is so popular among eco-society that he built 12th oven in November, 2017. It was workshop, where people from seven different countries took part in and have a chance to see how this oven works.

Promoting self-managed lifestyle
Liga and Thomas live with the principle of permaculture and they teach their children, their volunteers, helpers and other environmental friendly people how to get maximum from the earth with minimum damages, in addition to this Liga established eco-club in local Bilska school, where they are working on environmental and ecological issues together with school children.

To strengthen the idea in the beginning of the article, this family is example for everybody, that when you live in harmony with nature you have healthy product, less dependence on traditional energy resources and you live usual lifestyle, but more efficiently and free.