Youth Exchange "Water Resources Protection"

When: November 2016
Where: Georgia
Who: Georgia Youth Eco Movement (SAEM)
Type of activity: Youth Exchange
Deadline: 10 April 2016
Contact: Ketevan Kochladze or
Georgia Youth Eco Movement (SAEM) with the support of Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is planning to organize a youth exchange about water resources protection which will take place in Georgia, in November 2016. The idea to organize a youth exchange which will focus on the issue of water protection and restoration of water resources was formed during TC "Give international dimension to your projects" and was presented at YEE Annual Meeting 2015. This project was included in the YEE Work Plan 2016.
The aim of the project is to explore the topic of freshwater resources in Europe and youth participation in this area.
The objectives of this project are:
  • To exchange previous experiences and knowledge among young people about the freshwater resources protection and how the actions of youth can affect water resources.
  • To focus the attention of young people on the importance of water resources protection and how can different kinds of pollution affect water resources.
  • To share information about realities of freshwater in European countries.
  • To develop and enhance capacities of young people to address local freshwater issues.
The target group of the project will be young people between 18-30 who are interested in protection and preservation of freshwater in Europe. During the youth exchange the participants will share their experience of organizing projects about fresh water, will make presentations about freshwater realities in their countries. They will also have the chance to explore local Georgian rivers, springs and lakes, mineral water park with experts. As a follow-up we are planning to create a publication with images made by the participants during the trips to water resources. The publication will also include description of the youth exchange and its outcomes, ideas on how to explore freshwater and make projects to raise awareness about it.
SAEM are looking for an applying organization who will be willing to work with us on the development as well as on preparation and implementation of this project.
The organization which would be willing to apply for SAEM needs to:
  • Be registered in the Erasmus+ portal and have a PIC number.
  • Be based in one of the programme countries of the Erasmus+ (EU countries, Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey).
  • Submit the online electronic form by 26th April 2016 (Key Action 1) to the National Agency of the Erasmus+ programme of the country where the organization is based.
After the project is approved:
  • To receive and manage the funds;
  • Help with the preparation of the project;
  • Help prepare and submit the final report to the National Agency when the project has finished.
We are looking for partner organizations who will be willing to work on the development of the project and to send participants who will share their experiences in water protection.
If your organization would like to become the applying organization or a partner organization, please send the filled in partner form to Ketevan Kochladze ( until 10th April 2016.