Organisation : Georgia Youth Eco Movement - SAEM - Ketevan Kochladze
When and Where : 27 - 28  February 2017, Borjomi, Samtkhe - Javakheti Area , Georgia
Participants  :   Mariam Kapanadze ,Keti Kacharava, Likuna Amashukeli , Tamta Andguladze, Mariam Kapanadze , Ninuca Bandzeladze, Gio Gvaramadze

Description :

We are living in live planet and our actions directly reflects to our environment. Nowadays  we  more and more discuss  climate change topic . I do believe we can not make progress without having freedom to discuss ideas , debate ideas and have intellectual clarity about our planet environment future and for sure this topics should be implemented by us. So for this to happen Georgia Youth Eco Movement  joined Yee climate Campaign, Yee Team, who are climate thinkers give us direction and we organize local debates and speeches were we  reviewed our self as a youth who have power of free speech and we rise up our voice during debates about climate change .

27 February our youth  gathered in Borjomi, we planned debates  day of local actions regarding Climate Change Campaign.  We started talking about different assessment of the global warming, influence of CO2,  and dynamically discussed how CO2 amount increase on earth  from the  beginning of the industrial revolution , we discussed how much does that affects on the climate in terms of primarily warming and how much can it affect in the future as we humans increase nowadays CO2  amount on earth.

28  February was second part of our local actions  - we Organise hiking from Borjomi Mineral Waters Park to Sulphur Water place  to raise awareness discuss in nature  and  explore connection of climate change and water resources , we discussed during our hike  climate change effects on freshwater resources using some games and energizers.

Results  :

We already feel around us global warming aspects. We researched statistics and information and we think that global warming is the big  challenge for our planet. . So what we as a youth can do to reduce our impact at  global warming?  After discussing we decide that Global warming problem needs huge attention from an international political solution. We discussed about new technologies for sustainable development and we think developing cheap and clean energy production must be increased, as all economic development is based on increasing energy usage. And Finally  we as a youth must not wait for n global politics and clean energy technology, so we must prepare ourselves as a local communities also international level with youth with  more educate projects about global warming and rise up our voice  against the worst.